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We help where we can.

During the COVID19 national lockdown in South Africa, we pledged our help to the local police and law enforcement. They needed assistance, so we didn’t hesitate to free up some resources and support them. It was a very strange and unprecedented time like our proud president Mr. Ramaphosa said. We had all come together and as a nation made it work. 

After a few weeks into the lockdown, we saw the need for food in the township. Many of our fellow Jbay and surrounding areas live from hand to mouth. This means no work, no food. It was a hard and sad reality. It was that reality of life and death. Yes, you read that correctly. We saw it as a serious issue and collaborated with a few local surfers of Jeffreys Bay.

Those local surfers started LETS FEED JBAY. An NGO that serves to feed its community. They raised awareness and received donations totaling up to more than R600 000. Together with other NGOs in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, they distributed food to the most impacted communities. The focus was on rural areas. Those informal settlements struggling with no running water and electricity. Most of those rural areas share one or two bathrooms. With the virus spreading it was vital to also provide them with masks and sanitation.

Our role at SMHART was to help facilitate the food drops, help with the distribution, and of course keep everyone safe. We are proud to have helped this organization feed more than 15 000 people.

Find out more information on our Community Involvement page and please share awareness or donate to LETS FEED JBAY.

Instagram: @LetsFeedJbay