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January – First month of 2021


Crime is high in general due to the high unemployment rate. We will continue to focus on the problem areas with more units on the ground and tactical teams. Each month we continue to work on creating a crime free environment.


See the stats below:


We had over 117 916 alarm signals, of those 68 were positive break ins.


Jeffreys Bay – 27 Break ins

– Humansdorp – 17 Break ins

– Rocklands – 2 Break in

– Thornhill – 2 Break ins

– St Francis & Cape St Francis – 4 Break ins

– Hankey & Patensie – 2 Break ins 

– Cradock – None

– Grahamstown – 3 Break ins

– Somerset East- 1 Break ins

– Graaff Reinet – 3 Break ins

– Kareedouw – 4 Break ins

– Joubertina – 3 Break ins

– Gamtoos – None


The current trend seems to be that criminals are targeting houses with no outdoor beams and windows without burglar bars that are on the ground floor. 


We want to urge all our residents in our towns to please be vigilant. The trend speaks for itself and shows that criminals are viewing the properties before committing a crime.


Be sure to reach out to our offices to get more details and advice on how you can protect yourself better.


*Please note: These numbers are based on our clients in each area and not on the totality of the crime and house burglaries in individual areas.