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Smhart Security Premium Security

Armed Response

Smhart Security offers premium armed response. We have more vehicles in our designated areas than our competitors, to ensure no crime goes unpunished.

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Smhart Security currently has hundreds of security guards. All of our guarding services are designed around the needs of our clients. 

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We pride ourselves in being one of the premium training facilities for all security services in South Africa.

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Advanced Security systems

We focus on more than Armed Response. We can secure your house with security fencing, automations and more.

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CCTV have many more advantages than just being additional security. Keep track of what happens at your premises when you are not around.

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Satellite internet

We offer uninterrupted satellite internet services to our clients. This is particularly perfect for farms that are surrounded by nature and mountains.

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Mobile panic button system

This service is a must have. Have you felt unsafe or scared for your family? Having a mobile panic button is the answer. Linked to our tactical unit.

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Vehicle Tracking

Keep track of your own car and your companies car. You are able to see your mileage, vehicle driving report and more on this service. Another bonus it reduces most insurance policies.

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Blog Articles

Read more about our services, client experiences, products and team. We make sure to keep you updated with the most accurate news and statistics. 

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Our Smhart services are premium. Using the most advance technology available in South Africa. The only way you can stay safe is by having the newest technology. Be ahead of your threat. 

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