Grahamstown / Makhanda

Grahamstown, our newest commitment

Grahamstown is an iconic cultural hotspot in the Eastern Cape. Smhart has committed to serving the community for the indefinite future. Smhart has entered 23 areas in the last 30 years to aid the community and has never left one.

Why Choose SMHART?


  • Superior service. In every town that Smhart operates we pride ourselves on delivering the highest service quality.
  • Community-centric. Smhart integrates into the community, establishes local control rooms, and stimulates the local economy.
  • Results-driven. We are known to provide instant results in reducing crime in the areas where we operate. We do this by introducing proactive tactical squads with a lifetime worth of experience in crime reduction in addition to standard reaction services.
  • Intelligent behavior. Our business is run intelligently, this means that we are extremely efficient and can reduce our costs and therefore lower the price that we charge our clients.

Family Business

Personal Experience

Unmatched Tactical Response

Advanced Technology

Extraordinary Commitment

Rhynhardt Trahms

Rhynhardt Trahms


Tobias Schroeder

Tobias Schroeder


Tactical Control Unit

An elite squad of highly-skilled highly-motivated human assets that deal with extraordinary situations have been dispatched to Grahamstown to combat crime in the community and to provide back up to our armed response officers.

Farm Patrol

Specializing in farm patrols takes years of experience and a sophisticated skillset. We are proud of farm protection specialists. Whether it is routine patrols or anti-poaching responses, we have you covered.

Rapid response time

We commit to deploy enough resources to respond in half the time of our competitors in each town that we operate.


Head Office

4 Disa Ave, Jeffreys Bay, 6330
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Control Room: 24/7

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