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Aprils Crime Stats – Smhart Security 


The break-ins have decreased in all our areas since last month and beginning of the year. We believe this is due to our extra patrols and many customers opting in to get extra security such as Electric Fences and CCTV Cameras. The more security you add to your property the more your risk decreases. We have seen that criminals and opportunists are less likely to break-in if they see the multi-layered security approach. Once they spot a camera, they run away. This is understandable as in the court of law, CCTV cameras help with convictions. 

See the stats below:


We had over 79 916 alarm signals, of those 52 were positive break ins.


Jeffreys Bay – 18 Break ins

– Humansdorp – 7 Break ins

– Rocklands – 0 Break in

– Thornhill – 0 Break ins

– St Francis & Cape St Francis – 7 Break ins

– Hankey & Patensie – 0 Break ins 

– Cradock – 0 Break ins

– Grahamstown – 6 Break ins

– Somerset East- 0 Break ins

– Graaff Reinet – 4 Break ins

– Kareedouw and Joubertina – 10 Break ins

– Gamtoos – 0 Break ins


The same trend continued as last month, the criminals are targeting small homes with limited security. We have seen many break-ins in two bedroom apartments. They come and go within minutes


Please stay vigilant and stay alert. Together we can decrease crime. 


Be sure to reach out to our offices to get more details and advice on how you can protect yourself better.


*Please note: These numbers are based on our clients in each area and not on the totality of the crime and house burglaries in individual areas.