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B & W Grahamstown

Smhart Security
Zero Tolerance

Multi layered Security Approach helps prevent crime

We at Smhart Security believe in a layered security approach. The more layers you have the better your security.

In the old ways, armed response and a guard were the only answer. Now we have technology that makes our lives safer and easier. From CCTV cameras, facial recognition, automation, electric fencing, and apps. All these tools help secure your home in a multi-layered security approach. Be aware of suspects before they enter your home, have your alarm trigger as they enter your property, with these small changes you can decrease your risk by 95%.

Why choose Smhart Security?

We set the standard and always go the extra mile. We rely on our rigorous in-house security training and lean on the most advanced security technology and intelligent behavior. Our main objective is to keep our clients safe. With every client that chooses Smhart, they join our family and we look after them as if they were our own.





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Farm murders are a big thing in South Africa. I feel scared for my life every day. I approached Smhart and told them about my fear. Since then I have had CCTV cameras, number plate recognition technology, and more installed. After 6 months of getting used to it, I feel safe. Thank you for helping me sleep at night.

We had various threatening situations at our wind farms. People were entering our farm and stealing all our copper. I picked up my phone and called the Smhart head office and within 10 minutes had a team at my site. I was so amazed by the service and enthusiasm that I signed the premium safety package with them. We are trying our best to make a difference in the world by producing sustainable electricity and now with Smhart we can carry on our dream safely.

Smhart has been providing us with security at our contest site in the last few years. The security guards are extremely professional and always smiling. Bringing the world’s best surfers to Jeffreys Bay, ZAF is scary, due to the high crime rate. Since we have signed a contract with Smhart our athletes feel safe and secure. Thank you Carl and Team.

  • Alarm systems
  • Electric fences
  • CCTV cameras
  • License plate recognition cameras (farms)
  • Smhart App: Mobile GPS panic systems

Our Promise to You

We are family run and no matter how big we may become, we preserve a culture of always being the small, personal security company. In each town that we are active in, we feel at home. We make sure to give back to the community and be part of the greater good. We believe in localizing our operations, having local security control rooms, giving clients direct contact to response officers, and looking after each town as if it were our home.

Our team is trained, experienced and equipped.

Cutting our response time. Industry standard accepted response time is 10 minutes, Smhart sets is maximum respone time to half of that.

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Smhart Security is proud to be able to keep you safe no matter where you are.

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