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20% off installation

Electric Fence

Make your house safer than your neighbours. We know most of you have an alarm system with armed response. It is still better to secure your house with a multi layer approach. Thus we have decide to launch our special.

What to Expect

Free quotation with 20% off on your electric fence insallation. With an elctric fence you make it very difficult for an intruder. 

Why Smhart Security

In addition to your state of the art security service, Smhart Security is a security company that endeavors to give you value for money. To this end, and as part of our professional service, we also offer to take over your services for no additional fees. 

We are family run and no matter how big we may become, we preserve a culture of always being the small, personal security company. In each town that we are active in, we feel at home. We make sure to give back to the community and be part of the greater good. We believe in localizing our operations, having local security control rooms, giving clients direct contact to response officers, and looking after each town as if it were our home.

If you are looking for an electric fence installer in Jeffreys Bay, look no further than Smhart Security. Secure your future today

Quality for your safety

20% off

Secure your future today

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A heavily armed and highly skilled SWAT team on standby.


One dog has the searching power of 10 men.


SEON Mobile App based GPS panic button.


Active Crime deterrent around your property.