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Welcome To

Smhart Security

At Smhart Security in the Eastern Cape, we offer premium services

We believe firmly in taking responsibility for the well-being of each community that we operate in. Always going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to serve our clients. Whether it requires a high-speed pursuit after poachers over the dunes of Saint Francis Bay or 12-hour long farm patrols in the Karoo, no threat falls beyond our scope. We are zero tolerance.

Smhart Security is set apart by behaving intelligently. We believe in smart, proactive approaches to crime prevention and business management. Intelligent business means lower costs and better service which creates unparalleled value for our clients. We hunt down the best candidates in each field and recruit these market leaders into the Smhart family. We believe in raising the standard when it comes to response time and technology.

We are a family. Our clients come first. We believe in local control rooms so that our employees can best understand and integrate into each community. We are against call centres and believe that the clients that are a part of the Smhart family deserve contact with us directly.