Monitoring & Response

Smhart Security Monitoring & Response  

Response services.

Smhart Security provides a wholistic protection package that raises the standard of reaction services in South Africa. What is included in your subscription?

Proaction officers

Smhart believes in the gathering of intelligence, identifying high-risk areas, and deterring potential threats before they become present. Our proaction officers will be out on the streets looking for any unusual activity and act as a deterrent to any threats.

Armed Reaction officers

These committed individuals will make sure that your property and family are safe. These officers are constantly in contact with their controller at headquarters during their response so that we can ensure every detail is observed and attended to. They are the friendly faces that are willing to go the extra mile, give them a call directly and they are happy to check up on your dogs, make sure your doors are locked, or attend to any other concern.

Tactical Control Unit (TCU)

An elite squad of highly-skilled highly-motivated human assets that are dispatched to deal with any extraordinary situations. This team has only one instruction: protect and extract our clients and their property safely by any means necessary. 

Included in their skill sets:

  • Crowd control / anti-riot
  • VIP protection
  • Client extraction
  • Farm protection
  • High-speed pursuit 
  • Risk management 
  • Asset protection
  • And other

Farm Patrols

Specializing in farm patrols takes years of experience and a very specialized skill set. We are proudly farm protection specialists. Whether it is routine patrols or anti-poaching responses, we have you covered.




Smhart believes in using the most advanced technology in our control rooms as it allows us to deliver the quickest, most appropriate responses. Our control rooms are localized in each area to ensure that the controllers are familiar with our clients and have the on the ground knowledge they need to understand each client’s needs and risks.

1. Alarm systems
2. Electric fences
3. CCTV cameras
4. License plate recognition cameras (farms)
5. SEON: Mobile GPS panic systems

Instant Call Activation

Our control rooms are active 24/7 and they will contact you within seconds of your alarm being triggered.

Personal Touch

Our armed response officers and controllers know the clients in their neighbourhood personally. We let our clients have direct contact to the response vehicles in their area to accelerate service delivery time

Safe Word Activation

We make use of safe words. We can hear if there is a threat or if you are being held hostage. 

All Boundary Access

We do a free risk assessment during our installations at your premises. When our response units roll out to an alarm, we make sure to have a look inside and not only peak over the walls. 

Full Report

You can get free incident reports and see your opening and closing times for your premises. 

No Holding Back

Our team is trained, experienced and equipped. Cutting our response time. Industry standard accepted response time is 10 minutes, Smhart sets is maximum respone time to half of that. 

Head Office

4 Disa Ave, Jeffreys Bay, 6330
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Control Room: 24/7

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