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Panic Button & Automation

Smhart Security Panic Button App

Our technical department specializes in all your security requirements with 24/7 standby Technicians available.
We install full alarm systems, panic systems, and beams. With all the latest technology to enable you to access your alarm from your phone.

As the industry evolves, so do we.

*Once you have downloaded the application, please contact us to arrange your verification code.

Silent Panic Button

Set off your panic button from anywhere.

Text based Communication

Communicate with our Control Room via messages.

Your Location is Pinpointed

Once you have activated the panic, we can access your location and track you down.

Local Armed Response Contact List

Anti Hijacking


Automation Integration Systems

Head Office

4 Disa Ave, Jeffreys Bay, 6330
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Office Hours

Office: 24/7
Control Room: 24/7

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