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Smhart Security Guarding Services 

Smhart Security currently has hundreds of security guards. All of our guarding services are designed around the needs of our clients, thus giving them the best service at the best price. At Smhart, we strive to deliver professional, result-based guarding services. 

We perform regular risk analysis at each site to best determine our clients’ needs. Monthly performance reviews of our guards are conducted to ensure our standard of service exceeds expectations. Risks and needs are constantly changing and reassessment is important.

We specialize in holistic guarding solutions such as event management, estates

What sets our guarding services apart:

Armed response officers visit guards multiple times during the day and the evening, they are always prepared to respond to provide backup to the security guard.

In the event that extraordinary circumstances exist, our Tactical Control Unit will be dispatched to assist the armed response and security guards at the site – for no additional charge. Being a Smhart guarding client gives you access to all of our resources.

Our guarding services are available 24/7, call us any time for immediate service.

Celida Trahms – 082 933 6006

Guarding Manager

Tactical Control Unit

Farm Patrol

VIP Protect

Riot Control

7min Response Time

Business Protect

Head Office

4 Disa Ave, Jeffreys Bay, 6330
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Office Hours

Office: 24/7
Control Room: 24/7

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