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December – The busiest time of the year in our Beach Towns


The seasonal criminals flock down to the coastal towns as the holiday makers come to enjoy their holidays. We have broken down the stats for some of our areas to give you an overview of the crimes in: Jeffreys Bay, Hankey, Patensie, Grahamstown, Cradock and Thornhill.

We had over 55 000 alarm signals, of those only a hand full were positive break ins as seen below:

Jeffreys Bay

Total Positive Break ins: 18, areas as follows:

Outer Wavecrest: 4 Break ins

Inner Wavecrest: 1 Break in

Paradise/Aston Bay: 2 Break ins

Central and industrial: 11 Break ins

Hankey / Patensie: 4 Break ins

Grahamstown: 2 Break ins

Cradock: 4 Break ins

Thornhill: 1 Break in


We saw a high number of break ins through bathroom windows. Often bathrooms don’t have a PIR. From there they climb into the roof and rip out the panel. We recommend to each of our client to put an Anti-cloak over your panel that will detect any movement around your panel. Please contact us for a quotation.

As you can see crime was high, but in comparative with our tough economy and the predictions it was successfully low. We did implement extra resources, cars, tactical units and tech to bring down the stats. We serve our communities and want to create a crime free solution for each of our branches.

We will continue to protect our SMHART Family and wish you all the best for the year.

Stay tuned for the January’s crime rate. We will be sharing it early February.


*Please note: These numbers are based on our clients in each area and not on the totality of the crime and house burglaries in individual area.