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Advanced Security Systems

Smhart Security Advanced Security Systems 

Taking time off work or cutting appointments short to let a repairman, contractor, or garden service into your property can be inconvenient, especially if you’re pressed for time and they’re running late. Through automation, you can remotely open and close your driveway gate and garage door with great ease and convenience.

From the beach, a restaurant, a hair appointment, or a big family gathering, simply swipe a button and you’re sorted. You no longer need to plan your schedule around the need for someone to be at home.

Our favorite part is being spoiled with lazy weekend lie-ins! Let your domestic worker or gardener in, without leaving the bed and lifting little more than a finger. It’s the life.

Easy to use

We use the newest technology. It is simple, effective, and user friendly.

Remote Access

You can access your security from anywhere.

Numerous Users

Each user can have their own logins.

Electrical Fences

We offer all types of security. If you like we can install electric fences around your property.


It is easy to get reports of incidents and keep track of all closings and openings.

Fencing and Gates

We offer security gates and all other security types on the market.

Head Office

4 Disa Ave, Jeffreys Bay, 6330
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Office Hours

Office: 24/7
Control Room: 24/7

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