SMHART assisting firefighters during St. Francis Blaze

During all the veld fires raging over the past few day, Smhart Security tried to do their utmost best to assist in the needs of our community and firefighters. Our St Francis branch worked day and night to provide all the help they could give. In the lead of this project was Donovan and Zelda Taylor. Our Jeffreys Bay head office collected goods form the community to take to the firefighters. We are so grateful to see how our community dropped parcels at our control room. Every single bottle of water, energy drink, sandwiches, bar of chocolate and many more are so appreciated in a time of need. St. Francis branch used their office space to make sandwiches of the bread that was donated.



Planned power outage on 31 January CANCELLED

The planned municipal power outage to Jeffreys Bay this Sunday, 31 January, has been CANCELLED.

Eskom will, however, again be switching off the electricity to the WHOLE OF KOUGA on Saturday, 13 February, from 05:00 (5am) to 18:00 (6pm)

This will be a continuation of the work they started on 23 January, from 05:00 (5am) to 18:00 (6pm)


G4S Transit Vehicle Robbery – 26 January 2016

This morning the G4S cash in transit vehicle was robbed just outside FNB Da Gamma Road when they wanted to fill the ATM.  Smhart Security immediately dispatched all their available vehicles and manpower.  Smhart Security reaction officer, Ian Nieuwoudt found the bag in which the money was carried off on the corner of the road leading to Aston Bay.  According to the three G4S employees, the first officer went in and was waiting for the second man to bring the bag of cash, but before he brought it in, he got assaulted and the bag was stolen. The third employee was behind the steering wheel.

SAPS are still looking for the person who took photos of the crime.  They were three black men that were driving off in a white Chev Cruz with a missing right rear wheel cap. In front of Beach Break they picked up a fourth black man and then they sped off.

Any info, please contact Carl Trahms at Smhart Security 082 414 90 53


Smhart security attending to the community together with Just Water

Smhart security delivered bottles of water to the firefighters  in St Francis and Cape St Francis.  Just Water supplied the water at cost price and Smhart made sure that the firefighters each got more than enough water to quench their thirst while delivering heroic acts.  Smhart appreciate each and every person helping to fight this disaster.


Team C

Outstanding performance and swift response by the Charlie Team

With great PRIDE we wish to congratulate the Charlie team for their outstanding performance and swift response..

On the 19th of January 2016 Dennis who is one of the response guys managed to perform 4 arrests in one day.

What an outstanding effort and performance from the team. A WELL done to CJ Jonker who is controller  on the shift for her swift response to dispatch the reaction guys out in time.

We are proud of this team who go that extra mile for each customer, risking their safety and protecting the community at the same time.

Thank you Charlie shift for a job well done, are proud of you!! A true hero team you are an inspiration and motivation to all.

Op die foto is vlnr: Darryl Potgieter, CJ Jonker en Dennis Schreider (Dennis die hero wat die 4 arristasies gemaak het op een dag)


Eskom Power Alert

Eskom power outage to affect whole Kouga this Saturday

Eskom will be switching off the electricity supply to the whole Kouga municipal area this coming Saturday, 23 January 2016.

According to Eskom, the interruption will take place from 05:00am to 11:30am in order for maintenance/repair work to be done.

The affected towns are: Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis, Oyster Bay, Patensie, Hankey, Loerie and Thornhill.

Smhart involved in search and recovery of missing aircraft

Cessna 182 accident scene Smhart Security helped to locateOn 16th of December 2015 a Cessna 182 aircraft was reported missing in the Jeffreys Bay region. The pilot, Mr. Johan van den Berg, managed to make a phone call and relayed that they had an accident and the last prominent landmark he saw was wind turbines. When Carl and Celida Trahms found out about this, they immediately took to social media and got busy on the phone to contact other branches of Smhart and staff in the Smhart network to locate the aircraft. Read more

Load Shedding

Dear Valued Client,

Smhart Security is experiencing high volumes of signals in the control rooms during times of load shedding. We kindly request that, should you make a mistake with setting your alarm, please call the control room as soon as possible to notify us of this. This will assist us to respond more quickly to signals and provide you with the best service.

We appreciate your assistance and ask kindly for your patience and understanding during these high volume times.

Thanks you!

Smhart Security